What do people think about Catholics ? I'm catholic , and I just get that people have the wrong idea about us, but I'm not sure exactly what sets off such a debate. This post is not meant for an atheist vs christian argument so please try be polite . I just need some insight
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Good morning everyone ! Thank you for your sincere and mature feedback. I am sorry for causing confusion by not making my investigation clear. I just want to know what people think about my religion. I will attend to your comments individually to avoid spamming the heck out of everyone . God bless !

Difference between roman catholic/ catholic/christian/seventh day adventist/mormons/baptists/orthodox/west borough etc?

Good morning , no I was thinking more along the lines of general assumptions .

Actually I was wondering on the differences, and what makes them unique. From your & others perspective.

I think they're too strict in their ways. That always the idea I've had of them. My mom's side of the family was Catholic so as a baby I was christened in a Catholic Church but I've had nothing to do with it since then besides one VBS week. They church I go to welcomes all Christians and isn't classified as baptist, Methodist, etc. Its very modern and if all the churches I've tried out it is my favourite.

I have no problem with Catholics and I'm not a Christian. I've always had Catholic friends and they have been some of the nicest people to know. I once in a while hear somebody comment about being a "recovering catholic", but other than a change in beliefs and habits, not sure what that means. One of my favorite spiritual teachers is a Catholic priest, Anthony De Mello. If all priests were like him, I'd convert. But he's been labelled a "heretic" after his death. They waited until he was dead before doing that since he had a large following. Oh well, enjoy your path or switch. We always have options.

Why do you feel people get the wrong idea about Catholics? What reason would people have? That you can speak of...

I study this,
A lot of it has to do with "the Church" it is one of the most powerful corporations in the world and has is responsible for most deaths and wars in history. It's power is based off of fear- people fear punishment by God, fear the consequences of disobedience / questioning the church, fear hell etc. The church uses the bible as "evidence" on how to live, but it is so skewed and misunderstood so people questions it (which is not allowed... therefore they are punished.... etc.)
It's a deadly cycle of unjust ruling over peoples spirituality and a lot of people realize the injustices and hypocrisy, they become so frustrated by the willingness of people to surrender

It's not the followers of the religion, but the rulers and the image man has made this religion to be

I have no issue against any religion and i'm an atheist. It just grinds my gears when you get the "fanatical Catholics" that tell you :"You are going to hell because you weren't baptized/don't go to church."

Apart from them, i really have no issue with someones belief and know people from many cultures/religions.

My personal perception on Catholics are that they are a really rich religion who has a lot of backwards rules IMO. Like not eating meat on Sundays, whats that accomplishing? Also its where I will go if I ever know someone who needs an exorcism. I just moved into a 150 year old house. Down the street is a really old catholic church and it is so gorgeous. Love their churches.

I think the ideas people have are wide and varied. Some are ignorant, ridiculous, uninformed. Some are more grounded like the belief in a god, afterlife, sin, etc. It shouldn't matter what others believe to you.

Catholicism is an excellent religious discipline as it covers so many of the perimeters that deal with everyday society. I was raised Catholic, but am not one for religion, but I have kept many of the Catholic tenements which built my foundation all through life.

to be honest,the ceremonies in the church are taking too long time,telling your sins to the priest isn't really helpfull, i mean just because you tell the priest your sins that doesn't mean that your sins are forgiven & you can go & do whatever you want. I attended in my past at least 200 catholic church ceremonies or speeches. Unfortunately the only thing I really enjoyed are the songs, sang by the public.

Ahh yes the songs are beautiful ! Just so you know The service is referred to as holy mass (mass as in literally a large body of matter , we come together unified through God , hence the name) our service is usually an hour long . I'm not sure if it's longer in your area, but I think an hour a week is fine. Actually it kinda does , Uhm but I rather not get into that too much right now , there's an awesome Bible scripture about that actually , (this is based on my opinion) just flip through a Bible and read what Jesus said to He's disciples in the upper room -forgive and their sins shall be forgiven. Something like that. Confession is to actually get advise also , so you get an opportunity to really get some questions answered. And the awesome part is that the priests and bound to confidentiality which is higher than the law. So you can be as open as you wish. 😁 but yes once again ! The songs are awesome , "Lord I need you " - Matt Mayer is amazeballs ! God bless you ! And I hope didn't upset you in anyway .

Worshipping Jessus as God.

That's not what happens. Worship of god through Jesus I think.

We believe in Holy Trinity , which is made up of Jesus as the son of God. God the Father (creator) and in the Holy Spirit (the one who Jesus sent to assist us). So they each are different , but both Jesus and the Holy Spirit come from one source only . Which is God.You can inbox me for a better understanding if you want. I think it would be best if we have a mini Bible study session so I can explain where this all comes from. Thank you for your feedback !💐

Hey, thanks.. clearly i know nothing but would love to talk more about these.

There is an assumption (in my assumption ) that we worship idols