What would you do if you were a cat?
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21 Responses Aug 21, 2014

hahaah, I don't want to be a cat.

Play with a feather : )

Well everything that a cat can do. :)

Lick myself

Have the ancient Egyptians worship me.

I would explore the ways to use my agility to (1.) make somebody bigger than me go nuts (2.) Show off to girls with making pirouettes. (3.) Rock climb to new, remote places.

Pee and poo everywhere so everybody suffer! Take that you humans! Hah

Burn the world an rule it.

That will be difficult to say... What do cats do?

Give myself a bath.

I would live in the streets and be the male alpha of the cats and kill those who don't obey me xD

Like a mafia boss cat

I would tease my dogs all day...and then sleep,eat, meow and cuddle with my cat family 😽😸

Id lick myself all day...

Try to catch a mouse but let it go if I could. ;)

I'd sleep all day and play all night. Maybe nap between sleeps.

i am a cat a lion to be exact. and im a king ^w^

Cat things.... Eat, Sleep, Eat, Play, Eat, Sleep, Tear up Paper into Shred, Eat, Sleep, Poo a Lot, Play, Sleep, Sit in a Box, Sit in a Lap, Sleep, Eat, Repeat

Smoke mad blunts, and blame it on the 15 year old son.

I would most likely develop a cat nip problem and proceed to eat all the food. Only to throw it up. Then...I would probably eat it again.

I would meow and do cat parkour.

Chill out