I just found out my mom was a prostitute when she got pregnant with me. I wish i wasn't so snoopy.
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Well young friend, curiosity sometimes leads us to find out things that we wish we hadn't discovered. It will happen many more times in your life - trust me on that. But do understand, that whatever the circumstances of your creation, you are God's creature. Made to be the best you can be. Make your's a quest for knowledge, understanding,
and being a production member of society. You are not diminished by what you now know. I wish you peace of mind and a fulfilling life ahead. Be grateful for what you have and what you will receive. You life will be what you make it - not
something over which you had no control. I wish you an eventful life filled with fun and laughter and new and exciting experiences and a renewed calmness.

That's awkward but as long as she has been a good mum I don't suppose it really matters.

that diesnt change her as a person, a mum and someone who loves you

often the truth can be painful, frightening, or just plain nonsense. Be happy with what you have and the way things are, not what they should be or could be. Nobody wants to lose what they already have in their life- family

You just found out--literally within the last hour?

Trust me that means your parents were hard working honest people.
There is absolutely no doubt your mother loves you very much. She
had choices.

You were a wanted baby and you will always be her beloved child.

People will be all over this story like buzzards on a carcass.

Disregard all hurtful remarks.

Honor your mother. Speak to her if you can..clear the air if need be.

Attagirl...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS REPLY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it's proof you're an angel. All babies made that way are special because they are God's gift to mothers who need to know unconditional love.

Have you considered that it may have been her only means to make a living at the time? You must have meant a lot to her or she would not have carried you to term and raised you. Often women do not have the choice if they have bills to pay and no support group to help.

No i realize that. I just wish she would have told me. Im mad at myself for finding out.

I believe she would have told you, when you got a bit older. It is possible she wanted to keep your innocence youth as long as possible. After all she loves you and don't want to loose your love because of her pass.

Yeah.. She told me she would explain soon. I just really wish i didnt figure it out on my own.

I can take it back tho

Its like when you're really into a book and then someone spoils it.
You can unhear/see whatever spoiled it.

Very supportive.

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