I am straight but I am having sexual feelings towards my best friend... Thoughts...?
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just follow the things that will make you happy bro.
no one can judge you for being the true you.
but be careful because your friendship might gone if he did not want that state of yours.

Do you like women as well?

Just come clean with her a guy that I knew since pre k liked me but he was like my brother but I was happy to know he got it off his chest but most girls aren't like that and ur friendship will become weird and u guys might not be friends but at least you'll feel better getting It off ur chest

Its a woman

You're bi curious

I like guys and gals but my two best friends are straight. I've made out with one a couple times and the other cuddles me, spanks me, and kisses me on the cheek all the time. Idk if they're having feelings or what but if they want to embrace their inner lesbian if rather them do it with me than any other girl.
As for you having sexual feelings towards your friend, it's never too late to be curious

So you are not straight at all. Peace.

Go for it, he's probably feelin it too