Has anyone here had a sex change ? M-F or F-M .. Would be interested in a conversation about it if you have
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My friend Taylor who was a tomboy for all of her childhood decided at a very young age that she would like to be a he instead, so with the support of her family and friends, she underwent the change by taking hormones that made her body grow hair where a man would have it (he is a man now), get bigger muscles, shrink your ovaries, deepen your voice,etc..She said it was a positive experience and is very happy with the change. Before she said she felt that she was a boy trapped inside a girl's body.

I feel the exact same as she did! I'm 16 and considering doing the same....except I'm thinking of actually having surgery on my breasts and to give me a penis...

If that is how you feel most comfortable then go for it!

Thanks for your support!! :)

No problem, don't let anybody bring you down for your choices.

Thank you so much!!

I want to do the same as your friend and I feel the same way! What were the hormones called..?

The treatment you would undergo is called hormone replacement therapy, it is usually testosterone that is given to masculinize women. There are injections called Depo-Testosterone, Delatestryl, Enanthate, and Cypionate to name a few. There are also creams, patches, and gels available. You should talk to your general practitioner or have them refer you to a specialist.


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