Why do people always seem to think that their religion is superior? Why do people constantly try to convert others? Can't we just believe what we believe and accept that others believe other things?
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I think, our duty in this temporary world is to show a good way to others, there is no idea of superior religion! for.Exp if some one accept stone as God which is design by him, so it is our duty to tell him it is wrong, if we let him what he is doing so our humanity chain will be break! or in Christianity Pig meat is prohibited because it create stomach and other diseases now we should aware him to avoid eating.

If you're to be accepting of other people's beliefs, and someone holds the belief that other people should believe as they do, should you not therefore be accepting of that belief? Are there exceptions to the rule? Are there beliefs that people shouldn't be accepting of?

NO!!1!1!! U DO AS I SAY!!1!!

Nah just kidding, I agree with you. As long as people respect my beliefs, I'll respect theirs.

I agree with what you have to say. I have my own beliefs, but I do not consider myself to be any concrete religion. Everyone should be able to believe whatever they want.

The saying "MY GOD IS BETTER THAN YOUR GOD!" has killed more people than any other thing or saying on our planet. So just be yourself and believe what you wish or need to believe. My Grandmother said once "You do not need a building or a man or a woman or to put money in a plate, all you need is to live a good life and know right from wrong and you will be loved by your God and welcomed when time comes." smart woman and missed.

I agree. I may be agnostic but I do study religions and I accept their beliefs. There is no need to force your beliefs upon someone. Do what you want to do! No need to judge others who do things differently.

Thank you. Agnostic seems to be the middle ground. Have you studied the Aboriginal ways of Australia? This is what I follow.

No there's so much out there. I should read up on that ^

I studied culture abroad and had the opportunity to live within an Aboriginal tribe. Before that, I was an atheist. But their practices were very intriguing and the ideas made sense. But there is so much out there. I would love to travel more and see all the different cultures and religions in person.

I'm probably way off, but here's my theory: It's as though we're all in a house on fire where only believers can see the fire. They tell us we should exit the house so we don't die, but we don't see the fire, so we don't believe them. They can be annoying up on their soap box, but they truly believe in their heart of hearts that they are working in our best interest.

This is a very interesting theory. And I think you are correct. But that fire is man made. Religion is man made. And if someone doesn't believe the fire exists, for them it does not. Perhaps they can see the tsunami about to hit this house, while the people believing another religion see the fire.

I'm not against the idea of a god or gods, but I doubt any known religion hit the nail on the head either. When you look at the walks of life from single cell creatures that just swim, eat, and have no conscious thought, to humans who have achieved space travel, making the internet, splitting the atom, and the double down chicken sandwich. Could there exist life so complex, we're the single cell creatures by comparison?

Problem is, texts have been altered to suit, passages have been ignored and distorted. Finally war is a business. Its a matter of brainwashing and values lost. they cant see differaces and similarity clearly anymore. The only conclusion is peace, love, kindness, respectfulness, and not causing others any harm. that is all. what book you read, what god/gods/or lack there of you believe. simple

Spoken like a true atheist. Does it not logically follow that if one's own religion is the sole possessor of untainted truth and the ark of salvation (as is the Catholic Church) that it ought to vigorously and zealously proselytize.

So it would seem. I was born an atheist, yes. But I studied culture abroad in Australia where I lived among an Aboriginal tribe. I stayed long enough to start practicing Aboriginal traditions at home now. No, not spoken like an atheist old chap.

Very well, but your disposition is atheistic, regardless of your ostensible beliefs. Still, if you fervently believe that your faith is the possessor of truth (which you must if you genuinely believe in it), then how do you regard other religions as equally valid manifestations of faith. Religion is, by its very nature, inclined toward the conversion of infidels.

Perhaps I am bias because I follow the Aboriginal ways which are simply balance. For each life created, one must be taken. A human life is worth no more than the life of a weed in a garden. All things are equal. My gods are just. They make the god of Christianity seem cruel. But our gods are equal. They must be for balance to occur.

And what is attained for anyone by this balance?

This is our way of pleasing our gods. We do not waste hours kneeling and singing to them. It's all they ask is equality. What is attained by singing hymns and kneeling before crosses?

How do you know your god is real?

I would ask you the same question, but in the spirit of openness and politeness I will direct you to an answer to this question written by a man far wiser than I, St. Thomas Aquinas:


I suppose I don't know my gods are real. But I do not claim to do so. They exist spiritually. And if Tom is so sure about his theory, why don't we all believe it? Since you are Christian (this is a assumption, please correct me if I'm wrong), you believe in one god. Tell me then, how does this god let good people die from cancer? Newborns die from heart defects? How can you pray to such cruelty? I mean no disrespect, I am simply asking the questions many think about?

The fall of Adam brought about man's sinful nature. By defying the explicit will of God, Adam brought upon all of his descendants (the entirety of humanity) original sin, a propensity toward sin, and the punishment of death. It is the fault of a man that we find ourselves in our present state, not God, who wanted human beings to live in innocence and peace, not knowing the agony of illness or death. This world is not a final state, and all life is fleeting and transient, therefore, righteous people who die outside of mortal sin will go to a reward far greater than anything we can know in this life. We are vigorous about converting because there is no salvation outside of the Church. People who do not convert suffer in perpetuity in hell. We do not wish this fate on anyone, that is why we are harsh and use scare tactics in our attempts to convert heathens, protestants, and other enemies of the faith. Even if they, themselves cannot be helped, it is dangerous for them to continue to spew heresy, as it may lead to the ruin of young, impressionable souls.

God thinks all that don't love him will suffer for eternity? That makes your god seem rather unjust, does it not? It's great that you think you are helping, but most people don't appreciate Christianity forced down our throats. If we thought it was true, we would already be following it. I know what I believe.

God is more than just. In assuming the lowly form of man and dying one of the most painful, humiliating deaths ever devised, God afforded humanity an opportunity for salvation, when, due to Adam's sin, we all should have been condemned. Your arrogance is breathtaking, calling God unjust for punishing people that act contemptuously toward Him during their lives.

My arrogance? What do you even know of my religion? That is ignorance. My gods are fair to all. There is no punishment no matter how many mistakes we make. My friend, can I not freely state my opinions?

Nobody's saying you can't, but my question is this, why should God not condemn those people who have defied his will where is concerned a grave matter, and have not repented.

And you have defied my gods. We are on even ground. But mine are merciful and do not condemn anyone. They are peaceful.

I would be much more apt to believe in the bible if the man hadn't altered it. For example, the book of Mark (the first gospel written) doesn't end with Jesus' resurrection. Mark 16:9-20 was added at a later date to complete the text

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People have there own personality.Best thing to do is trust and believe in yourself :)

Are you sure you're not generalizing? My take is it's not "always", there are a lot of people who believe certain things but keep it private. Then one person comes along and all of a sudden it's "always". And then, what is it you agree with or believe that is hammered on everyone else but goes unnoticed by you because that's how you see it?

You do not know how many people have scoffed at my beliefs claiming theirs are better. My apologies, "usually." I follow the path of the Australian Aborigines. But according to most, it's "not even a religion."

I maintain a WFYB philosophy - whatever floats your boat :)

What's WFYB?

Whatever floats your boat :)

Oh okay. I was confused. My apologies.

I guess I should add, whatever floats your boat as long as you don't sink mine.

Also, as for people being judgmental, whenever a person becomes outspoken in what / how they believe, others will want to bounce that off of what they believe. And if what you believe is way off of the mainstream, that too will bring more opposers. It's just human nature. I know a bit about non conformity - having been raised in the counter culture of the '60's. Here we were all dressing and acting weird and expected the establishment to accept this as normal. That's not going to happen!

Right. I understand. But you could see physically that you were not mainstream. I don't even know where I'm going with this. But I don't act or dress any different than everyone else. I don't know where I was going with that.

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Because they're uncertain of what to believe in. They're not only afraid of what people will think, but also what judgement will be passed on them when they pass on.They're afraid of the unknown.Religion is a way to make them feel safe.

Those people are arrogant with or without religion.

That, is a wonderful thought. Unfortunately, People don't understand this... they don't have this concept of 'accepting the others by their thoughts and beliefs'. Some people try to change their beliefs but end up either failing or working. But in this generation, people are hating because of religion. All I'm saying is, you can't find an answer to that question because each has a different perspective.

Human nature does not want that we want to have friends or associate who somewhat thinks like us. and humans like to talk.

Hi, Blizzardpaw. Call me old, but it is so refreshing to hear a young person express some free thinking! I admire that, and, I agree with you. I would add the question, why do people have to decide which religion they want to belive. Can't we just go through life questioning what there is out there and not have to be threatened with consequences if we fail to choose the right one? I think people want to convert others so they can feel good about their own decision. Good luck to you, and "keep the faith" lol!! :-)

Thank you for your input! Good luck to you as well!

Hi again, I have another reflection!! When I was a teenager we had the Vietnam war hanging over us. We were not only brainwashed by the schools to hate the Vietnamese, but the church and the Boy Scouts, (the twelth and final rule of a scout was to be reverant), were constantly telling us to support our troops as they were fighting an enemy that were not Christians. Every day we were told how many boys had died there by these godless people, and the more that died the more they could insite more young men to inlist.

That is very interesting. It's a shame that these people were engraving the message that all that are not Christian are bad to such young people.

compassion, ego and personal gain.
Compassion... When we see others that are hurting, we feel the need to help them. Like when you notice a tourist in your home town trying to find his way but he's holding the map upside-down... not helping him, even if he didn't ask for your help just seem... cruel :)
ego.. When we notice we're better at something, we feel the need to flaunt it. both religious and non-religious people perceive others as ignorant. If we succeed in "converting" others to what we think (know) is right, that will give us an ego boost which will feel awesome for a while
personal gain.. if i consider religion inherently detrimental to society, i believe that the quality of my life will change considerably if number of religious people drops significantly. All the money that the government is now spending on different religious stuff i care nothing about and that do not contribute to the quality of my life, can be spent better on things i consider more relevant (healthcare/education/whatever), my kids would get a better life than the one they will have as it is.Of course, religious people believe that if the number of people that are non-religious or in different religions would drop significantly, the quality of their lives and the lives of their children will increase...

I completely agree. But I don't think religion is entirely detrimental. Some people couldn't live without it. But it has also caused much violence and many deaths. Some practice their religion peacefully. Others try to force others into practicing. It depends on the person in order to claim that religion is entirely detrimental.

well... those peaceful religious people still count as members of their churches and give power to them, even if they only support like a few percent of that churches activities.

if we just cut the funding of religions of the world and start treating them like we would any other organisation (demand transparent accounting and make them pay taxes), the whole picture would change very very quickly. people don't realize that religion is not about faith, it's about the money.

For many people, yes, it may be about money. But for some I know that it is about faith and spirit.

yes it is. they could still practice their beliefs, pray, help each other and stuff, even if their church (organisation) would pay taxes and was forced to get their funding like all other organisations (not from the government)... gets accountable for its transgressions, etc.

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Hail Satan.

Hail Sithis.

I have a simple explanation, people are often selfish. It's human nature. We are programmed to ultimately, survive and reproduce. You have to think about number 1 if you want to survive and people apply this to their religion. "This is MY religion therefore it is holier/more important/more divine than yours". Not to mention that religion is used as a form of control. People love power and money, religion has plenty of both to boot.

Personally I am an atheist, I don't gallivant around forcing it in peoples faces. I don't really care which God people look up (or down) to as long as it isn't rubbed in my face.

The way I see it is that if we didn't have humans we wouldn't have religion therefore religion is man made and would not exist if it were not for man. We have a higher mental capacity to create these things for control or an explanation. How often to do you see a dog pray?

True with the man made part! I'm with you all the way! I was never baptized and people tell me I'm going to hell if I'm not reborn. But I don't believe in hell, so there is no hell for me, thus I'm not going to hell.

Lol heaven, and hell. Just empty promises by those who fear the one thing that is certain. I feel like people just can't grasp the concept, that we are not eternal beings. So we tell ourselves that things will be perfect in the "afterlife".

Lol sorry just throwing in my 2 cents. :p

because that is what religion, obviously, learns them... but still, you can always ask the people to stop as you are not interested and if it does not work, repeat it with stronger accent. No one has the right to tell you what to beleive in.

People try to convert others because they want them to be happier and live better lives and not end up suffering eternal damnation.

But what I believe in makes me happy. I don't need anyone's help finding what I believe. It's a path one must walk alone.

What do you believe?

I was born into a slightly Christian family, but I choose to be an atheist. A few years ago, I studied culture abroad in Australia where I lived among the Aborigines there. It made much more sense than anything else to me, so I keep up some Aboriginal practices.

I don't think you need to be religious not to have to suffer eternal damnation. If there is such a thing as heaven/hell etc, just make sure you try to be a good person to your friends, family, spouse, kids in this life and you will be fine in the next.

However, if that is what you believe then that is your own choice as an adult and I respect that.

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I wish!

YEs we can! or at least we should... doesn't it go something like... "judge ye not, lest ye be judged"?

Then the question turns to "why won't we?"

Indeed... I guess that religion falls in with color, sexual orientation, wealth, sex and all the other issues of inequality in others' eyes.

Yes. That is true. Doesn't it seem a wee bit petty though? To be squabbling over which religion is correct? All of those issues seem petty. Don't we have more important things to be doing?

It is petty... and it's not what most religions believe. Yes, I understand that we should go forth and profess our faith but to force conversion or to look down on others is not what it's all about.

Exactly. In what I believe all things are equal. The life of a human is worth no more than the life of a beetle. But it is not my place to ask others to not kill the beetle. It's just mind blowing to me that people can't accept that we are different.

You are right about that!!

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