How is it to have a gay friend? I mean friend-boy who is gay. I want to have a gay friend. Why not..
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Lol they're the best!! WAY more truer, honest and understanding than normal people ^^ they're always really happy and fun to lol (:

I tell you where you can find one! They're usually hanging around the guys! :P

Statistically, you might already have a gay friend and just don't know.

How is it to have a gay friend? Well straight person, consider the facts below.

Assuming the gay individual you befriend is not psychopathic or indifferent to platonic relationships and genuinely respects and admires you, you will have a friend who will not objectify you or abandon you because you will not be his or her lover.

You will be able to rest assured he or she will never cheat on you or try to jump your best friends.

Furthermore people who are discriminated against and persecuted make the most loyal, empathetic, ethical and wise friends.

So you will have a friend when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Gay people understand keeping painful and lonely secrets.

They become accustom to courageously moving through their lives despite fear and betrayal.

They intimately know alienation, isolation and how it feels to be disenfranchised and socially ostracized.

These are the facts I have learned this from my gay friends. I have always had straight and gay male and female friends.

The fact that I myself am straight is neither here nor there but now you have it on one straight woman's authority.

Lastly, age, ethnicity, religion, creed and cultural, economic, status not withstanding, friendship and love are about heart, soul and unconditional acceptance.

A better question for us all maybe how well do we really know the people that we call our friends?

For that matter how much can we count on and trust that the people with whom we identify as friends and family have integrity and moral courage?

Do the individuals you call friends have the strength and bonafide,
loyalty be able to withstand the test of true friendship by answering to your call of need for love, support and understanding in your darkest hour?

I can tell you that my parents were there for me during such times.
Two friends throughout my life continue to be solid and stand with me when I need them.

As for the others that have come to my aide when I have needed people most, many have been profoundly empathetic and compassionate strangers from all walks of life that answer every calling when their help is needed.

This of course includes all of my pets (that have often come as strays) and the pets that I have known through friends, family, neighbours, acquaintances and strangers.

Friendship, as I said and
reemphasize, is about the heart, soul and unconditional love and regard.

Ask yourself this question, if you took a personal inventory of the qualities and principles that represent your true character and identity what would you find?

Would you find that you posses any of the above qualities I just described?

Yes I would :)


Gay friends are the best and if a creep is hitting on you y'all can act like a couple and the creep will leave you alone and you don't have to worry about any weird feelings later. I LOVE MY GAY BEST FRIEND!!!!!

But when you pass out your kinda on your own I found that on rout the hard way yesterday

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