Why one year in high school can you be friends with someone and your like really cool with each other and would like talk all the time but the next year they seem like they hate you or just think oh great theres that person again like your such a bother to them .
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I remember feeling that way in high school. People in high school think differently and at a faster pace. Perhaps they move on a try out new friends to part of the "in crowd" Don't stress yourself too much about it. Stick to the people who have been there for you and have been true friends. It's been 14 since I've graduated and still hang out with my close friends who have'nt moved away yet. Lol. Hope this helped. 😊

Because none of you, at that age, has really solidified yet. You are still changing and developing at a really fast rate. You may feel like you are the same person you were a year ago but you aren't. Your interests and tastes change and so do others. It will get better. Guaranteed.

1. People change. Especially as teenagers. 2. Some people are really flaky. Those are my reasons. :)