i just wonder why few are online today? almost all got work?
jomarf jomarf
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hello there mister.

i'm at work, but i'm online

oh, cool... watch out for your boss to caught you. or you are the boss?

My guess would be that it's a Friday night, the beginning of the weekend, and almost all are going out and having fun, not surfing EP.

Obviously, I'm an exception to the rule.

haha, yeah right. you got point. does it mean that those who who are in the EP right now do not want to go and have fun?

Or they live somewhere where there aren't many opportunities to have fun on a Friday night, or they don't know how to have fun, or they don't have any friends, or they have work the next morning, or they're sick or depressed or both; there are lots of possibilities.

haha, yeah. and perhaps EP is their best way of having fun. like me..haha, perhaps also you

At least for now.

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