What would yu do if your significant other cheated on yu after being together for a long time?

Like not really, but what would be your thoughts of what yu might say or do to them ?
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You only live once n I wud Hav a talk with him n I'm pretty strong I am a lycan after all n I wud regret hurting him so... Plus my bf wouldn't dare he loves more than anything hes risked his life for me n he wud do anything for me to stay alive but I couldn't think of that my heart wud brake n I'd have several panic attacks n heart attacks to be truthful n I hav depression so that wud kick in n then I'd probably dicide to kill myself soo
... That's my answer

I would leave as usual

I'd be hurt, but that's nothing I can't handle.
Id cry and wish them hell... But karma is gonna take care of their ***. I ain't even worried lol

I swear , lol i wouldnt have **** to say but id have the biggest ***** fit on earth

Omg you use the word ***** fit too?!
My parents call me a diva when I tell them I'm having a ***** fit about something lol

Lmao yess i do, its a way of life.lmao

OK, after being married 4 years - 4 sexless years of hoping, praying and pleading that she might find even one scrap of the interest she had in her "horny like a rabbit" pre-marriage days - after that, I discovered that she had started sleeping with another man. It wasn't technically "cheating", because she had ended our marriage and sexual relationship long before starting the new one - it just took her cheating to make me understand that we were through. What did I do? I thought about things, realized that we had nothing to reconcile, and filed a divorce.

If you have self respect you already know the answer to this.

Life is to short forgive and move on together.

I would ask if they want a divorce. I'd also really want to know if they are still attracted to me. I'd ask if they were bored with our sex life. Then I'd determine if it's worth saving.

Yea that would probably be the best things to do

its hard to say exactly cuz, it always depends on the situation, the mood, how much you care about the other person.

I would prob be able to forgive, but that's just me.

Yes def forgive

First I would say you, no yu. Second, look at your age. It's dating.

***** i was askin a question to married ppl , **** "you" since "you" wanna be so dam serious about the ****.


If I had been a sluthenly slob on the sofa and she cheated on me I'd figure I got what I deserved. But if I had been careful to meet her needs with kindness - and she failed to meet my needs with kindness and instead cheated on me, she'd be history. Like the dinosaurs. Over, done, dry bones dead issue. Time to find someone who will appreciate what I have to give.

have sex with the person whom he hate most ,click some pics and send it to him :-)

Bad ******* on some nicki minaj **** lol

yeah hit him where it hurt the most

That is a good one...

If we been together for a while, especially if we had kids, we would have to sit and talk about it. If it was clear there wasn't any love anymore, I'd walk.

Strap them to a chair and make them watch bad musicals for days on end...

Make em watch videos on how to stay faithful lol relationships 101

That is a defect in the cheater...

Not sure a video helps

I really dont care cause i wont have to deal with it, the next girl will

Best answer!

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Been in that situation before, probably the worst feeling I have experienced. I got pissed, and asked her why? And I kinda already knew the answer to be honest. But I did give her a hard time, if you can I say don't let them off easy. Let them know how it feels. Don't be a ***** though, make it clear that ***** over lol.

Id be the biggest ***** then apologize 5 mins later but the trust would definitely be gone so i wouldnt even wanna hear **** after that lol

what part about the cheating would bother you the most?

it really dont matter what we thought we maybe do in this situation. I think more that you could try to rethink everything, talk and if you want to go on and forgive him do it. If you see that the relationship cant go on because of this trustbreaker than you should break up.

I would say sorry I love you bit that's far from food enough. Screw you ans break up with them. I expect the exact same thing if I had cheated. And drunkenness is not a ******* excuse. Sorry for the bad language but I cant stand cheaters and any excuse/reason they give is rubbish

Yess me either, i cant fw it. I hate cheaters nd ****** hate liars so much

Relationship is based heavily on trust. I never lie, okay so I may word something slightly different to what I normally would say to be supportive, say with family ans friends. Juat don't lie or xheat it's not hard at all to do.
You're my new favourite person hahahaha
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I'd ask why first.. If we've been together for a long time.. It probably was just a drunken moment. Which we could move on from

Yea probably so but if its consistent then hell no they gots to go lol

I don't really know , stuff like cheating doesn't get me angry , because as for me , when I'm in any type of relationship with anyone , and I really love then person I can't really get bad at what they might do to me .
I'll try to know why they did it to me , if it's because maybe she got tired of the same old thing , then really I'm ok with working out so e open stuff , but if it's something deeper, then I'll try to work it out.

Really In my life I've experienced things from friends even , which could easily end friendships , I was hurt but I didn't get angry , and injust tried to understand what really happened.

Id get angry for like 5 mins nd juss break down nd ask why? Like yu said if they were tired of the same thing then hey i can show him the exit nd move on. Its better to juss understand tho well i think so

I have actually been in that situation in the past twice.

The first time was an ex of mine, she cheated on me with my brother. They both lied to me about it. When I caught them in the lie I ended up kicking her out of the house and I did not speak to my brother for almost 5 years. There are a lot more details to the story, ask if you want to know more.

The second time was my wife. She was honest with me and we then started being in an open marriage. That has since not worked out, but not because of the openness of our sex life.

Lol i thought yu was gone say kicking her *** but what happened?