Is there anyone with a story , i would like to hear it no matter what it os pr who you are
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Everyone has a story :) here's a little fact of mine: I'm young, but behold the wisdom of an elder. I feel like I have no home because I have moved around my entire life. Never have been in one place longer than 3 & a half years, but I have learned that the world is my home. Therefore I have lived in 4 countries, seen 10 others, speak many languages, but I don't behold material riches. I suffered a lot & thanks to all that today I am stronger than ever & feel that my purpose is to help others in need...There's a little story for you :D

What kind of story? Life story, funny story, sad story, crazy unbelievable stories? I have lots of them and would be happy to share them. :)

There was this one time when I was in a visitors lounge in the hospital visiting my grandma, there was a lady in a hospital gown that was in there with me and we were talking. We talked for quite a while and she told me she had to leave and I watched her leave the room, but was puzzled, because when she was a few steps out of the room, she disappeared in a blink of an eye and there was just a narrow hallway with no rooms the direction she was going, just the exit. While walking back to my grandmas room in the hospital, in one of the rooms I seen the same exact lady that I was talking to for that whole hour, she appeared to be sleeping. The nurses put a blanket over her body and there was a family in the room crying. I was too little to understand what was going on and what had happened, but now that I've grown more after the experience, from my understanding I've encountered a paranormal experience.