I just wonder does women have wet dreams and if they do, what is their physical meaning and how do such dreams usually look like?
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Its never wonderful for guys.... well at the time it is, but cleaning up afterwards is not

Yes woman have them at certain times of their lives. I've had maybe 5? Idk why it's been a year since I've had one. The ******* are usually really blah. Except for one time it was great.


haha once I was sleeping over my friends house & I was dreaming that she was going down on me, the funny thing is that she told me the next morning that I was talking in my sleep & that I was moaning & said I was going to ***...Or sometimes I just randomly have dreams of having wonderful sex, usually with make believe guys. I guess it happens when you are most desiring it.

Well, I have had one. I was having a wonderful...sexual dream. Just as I hit my release in the dream.. I woke up and was in the middle of an ******. It was...wonderful :)