If you ever start talking to me... I might just start asking you about everything in your life... Just cause I'm a curious person... Idk why I just am
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That's not a bad thing at all. It shows you want to learn more about that person. I feel like a lot people on here don't try enough to get know someone but they keep saying they want friends. Friendship is all about learning about your friend.


well said lad:) *claps*

nothing wrong bout that ;)

Curiosity killed the cat ))))))

Nothing wrong with being curious :)

Thank you

No need to thank me :P I'm the same way most of the time.

Plus it's a really good way to know someone and who knows maybe y'all will end up friends for life


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A curious one eh? Naturally just born that way or something happened that made you have that kinda mindset?:)

Well I'm just curious about the people who are willing to answer the question

Me too

You play games?

I play FIFA I love it. And you?

I play like driving, shoot, exploring, survival, and fighting games

Ok go

So what's your favorite color

What's your favorite color

What's yours?