Without meaning to pry on other people's lives, my curiosity gets the better of me each time I am in public places and I get to witness eye-catching scenes or else get to listen in to people's conversations and second-guess what they are going through.

People are such great subjects to watch.
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4 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Oh yes I agree!

I do the same thing here! I read other peoples experiences and the comments of others. I dont always leave a reply in everything I read here, I am just intrigued by some of the stories that so many people share here. What is most intrigueing about this site, is that we are talking to total strangers and find an interest in other peoples experiences and questions and confessions among so many topics of conversation.

ever hear anything good?

I'm sure you have some good stories.....looking forward to reading them :)

I am a people watcher also, love overhear conversations and imagine the senarios