If I don't believe in any religion why am I forced to live world governed by it?
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because nobody governing cares what one individual thinks

because religion above all else. lol. jkin

Why are you governed by it

Yes! i so agree. We are free yet bound, bound by stories, lies, and lures. It is so sad.

I believe the world would be a better place without religion

most people and governments are atheist and people are turning against religion everywhere so what's the big deal for you?

That's not what's happening soooo

go out and TALK to people, there are only few YOUNG people who still believe. and young means from 13-27.
I am 22 I think I know a bit more of what's happening. sorry to involve age in this discussion but I've witnessed this happening and it's been happening for the last few years

I don't agree, but maybe in your country or nation that's what's happening. We are each entitled to our own opinion so, I won't argue, though I disagree.

you can argue if you CAN bring arguments and not get too hot-tempered - then I don't mind.
I'm not talking just about my country. I've been to two countries and I've talked to people from other countries plus I keep an eye on the mainstream. People everywhere start turning away from religion. Ofcourse it's not EVERYONE but most of the people find it ridiculous nowadays to believe in religion

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