Im 19 & my mom is not approving of me getting a tat..
Once its on she cant remove it
Unless shes balling and gets that laser stuff lol
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You ask a loaded question. You know what you want and you're looking to gain courage from others. Never listen to advice from strangers when they tell you what to do.
If you do get a tattoo, it's all on you, we don't have to live with it.
The fact is that when you a young, you go through the most volatile changes. You may love a band one month and hate them the next. A tattoo is no different. It's more like a poster that you can't take down when you want to redecorate.
If you do get a tattoo, Whatever you get had better be something you will always love.
My opinion: You're not old and wise enough to know that yet. Listen to the one who loves you most and has dedicated her time to you for your whole life.
Or don't, it's not life & death. It's only possible humiliation... who doesn't deal with that every day?

Get a stupid 19 year old tattoo that you will regret. You will hate yourself when you are older, but at least you will feel something.

Get a job and pay for it youself when you are older and legal.

It's your choice, just make sure to get something you won't regret later

You're 19, it's your choice not hers.

I waited forever to get my first. I always knew I wanted one but didn't want to get something random. So I got my first when I was 34. I have not regretted it. I had the picture for a long time before it dawned on me to get it as a tattoo. She'll get over it.

Just remember what ur getting lasts 4 if ur goin to do it then make sure that ur sure about it...

Or unless she's hardcore and psychotic like my mom and grabs the blowtorch... She'll get over it and trust me, laser is nowhere near as bad as homeade scarification lol

Lmao OMG.!

She couldn't help it, she was a red head AND puerto rican... she was set up from birth to be psycho. AND NO ITS NOT PERMENANT, laser is easy to do in payments and if you stop paying them its not like they're gonna come after your skin lol just gonna **** up your credit a lil bit;) but your going to grow old and wrinkly one day, might as well go out lookin like a grandma that lived lol people are more open minded to, you can make really good money with tats

Well you only have to be law to get one without parents consent.

What are tattoos all about?

To me its just body art.. & expression yourself on the outter layers of your temple

You're 19, a legal adult! She can't stop you

just make sure t is something you can life with for the rest of your life, it dosnt wear out