I'm curious for peoples opinions.
If people dress as the opposite gender, they are called crossdressers.
If people feel they should have been born the opposite gender, they are transgendered.
What if you are born male, but your body is female. You prefer to dress female but you act male. This subject has always left me feeling a bit out of place.
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My opinion?
Hmm. Firstly, have you checked out a doctor, I reckon this would be a fascinating study (and may yield the exact 'name' of whatever is going on here).
Secondly... I'm kinda jealous on one level. That said, I'll check my privilege, and I'm sure that things aren't as rosy as I have them. To my mind, and I'm a God-botherer, you are a great piece of evidence of a wonderful God. All power to you, but I'm afraid I can't offer more than that.
Hey, at least you have the *shape* for women's clothes! And, from other comments, a wife. Dang.

There's no need to feel out of place as long as you are happy being who you are :)

Why do you have to define and confine yourself with a label

Why do you think I'm labeling myself?

You were talking about what people who behave a certain way are called

I was t labeling anyone, it's hard to ask a question to people if you don't have words to ask. In truth if I was to label myself, the most fitting would be a shemale, but that offends people. So please don't be so narrow minded.

So what exactly is 'acting like a male'?

Sorry I should have said my personality is more masculine than feminine.

Then I would say that if your body is female, and you perceive yourself as acting male/more masculine- then you are a female with confidence.

It's a labeling problem created by a society that doesn't understand / is fearful and therefore judgemental. Society as a whole (when there is a majority that is) applies labels to support their own needs. So... dresses and skirts are women's clothes because the majority of the people in our society say so. But they're wrong. What difference does is truly make what people choose to wear - male or female. I say forget the term crossdressers, forget the labels. Be who you are and enjoy yourself!

Check it out here. The video starts after the ad... But you can read it too.

Sometimes I am cross because I have to get dressed and I can't put on a dress! Seriously, we are all out of place somehow. We do what we have to to fit into the circumstances.

We used to call them "Tom-Boys" I think.
I have another question: For someone like that, is their body attractive to them or more like seeing your sister?

The problem is I am biologically male

But the rest of my body is very feminine

Lots of guys are like that. Unless you mean your hip structure is female. Or you're a hermaphrodite... Do you have breasts and a vagina under your penis too?

Hips and breasts yes vagina no

That's a tough spot in our society today. I don't envy you the torture of our fellow man. Stay positive and know that any negative reactions only stem from ignorance. Pity them.
People are people, physical differences are far less important to me than the intellect and kindness anyone brings to a relationship.
I was born to a body that is considered normal for a male, but I have read and seen many things, mainly on TV, that spark my curiosity. One such thing is people like you. Physically, what happened to you? You developed the way you did for a reason. Nature is constantly producing variations of possible improvements to every species. When I say "reason", I don't mean GOD has a plan... I mean there was a trigger. Inside you or your moms womb, there was something slightly different and amazing! You are unique, just like everyone (who isn't a clone) but your uniqueness is so much more awesome! Why?
I have seen documentation on people who have uniqueness like yours. Some look completely normal and unusual. For instance, a woman gave birth to a child who was not hers, because she was her own twin. Meaning her twin shared her body. They tested all her organs DNA and found that only some of them were hers, the others were of her sister. So instead of being twins with two bodies, they lived in one body and shared every organ. Awesome! (she lived because they shared the same bold type) But her reproductive organs belonged to her twin. Thus, she became a mother and an aunt... I think.

If I remember correctly that's known as chimera syndrome

I just looked it up. you are correct. :)
Maybe not your situation, but it's just as cool.
I assume you brought up the topic because it bothers you. Rest assured that, to some degree, we all feel self-conscious. People will accept you as soon as you accept yourself. You don't have to hide or throw your differences in other peoples face, just be comfortable with who you are.

No I accepted myself when I was a teen. I was just wondering others peoples opinions on the matter.

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