Im a 23 year old gay builder and ive slept with a married man and i got a huge thrill out of it ... I now look for married men i feel bad though
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Don't feel bad,they accepted it. You just don't want a commitment of any sort,hence the married part.You wanna ****?No strings here! Never will be! And,no, I ain't married.I just have big girl panties and I REALLY don't want commitment,either.Plus I ain't flaming;I am truly bi

If it makes you fell good, go ahead... Just keep in mind that you can get hurt if you start having feelings for this person...

Out of curiosity, is the guy married to a man or woman?


What you think?

I was just curious, cause with it being a gay relaitionship between you, i thought he could have been in a gay marriage

Ahh rite fair enough thanks for your input

Follow your heart

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