What is this? *sigh*
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Add me I will answer your questions.

Its a butt plug with a tail, also come with pony tails.

I've had a lot of fun with one of those. You kind of have to be into that kind of thing to enjoy having that kind of thing into you, though.

I agree.. lots of fun tho. Love a girl who is up for using one!

Yuk - a "pony" tail ...
They do rabbit tails too, among other things ...
Scary! =O
And btw, that's Chinese text, not Japanese - although i have no idea who invented such a horrible thing, or when, or where ;D

Lol Yes Its a chinese text :)

it is interesting to thing that someone works in quality control at the factory where these are made.

They have make sure that the highest standards of quality and comfort are maintained.

I WANT that white tipped tail on the bottom left. It has a butt plug attached. You can pretend you have a tail without straps.

... lol

C'mon. You know you want it. What color would you get?

Errr... w w white I guess haha


*wags tail* ...oops

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