I just want to know what you guys think about this...my claim
If an animal doesn't give birth to LIVE YOUNG, should that animal be considered a mammal or not? I believe not.
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Most mammals do give birth to live young.. a few exceptions are the monotremes. The four species of echidna and the platypus ( correct name "ornithorhynchus") which are mammals that lay eggs, then feed the young from mammary glands (teats) after they hatch..

I wonder if it's possible that they're a sort of missing link with reptiles? Or at least, they've retained some reptilian features that other mammals have lost. They also sort of sweat milk, don't they, rather than having specialised mammary glands.

Yes, its not really a nipple, they produce milk from a gland similar to a sweat gland... I think they are probably an offshoot of evolution between reptiles and mammals

And Australia has both of them..

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Mammals have mammaries, hence the name.

Mammal - mammary. They feed their young on milk. Live young, fur, warm blood, these are just common qualities, not definitive ones.

What about them?

by definition a mammal breast feeds. Rats, humans, cats, dogs are mammals.