well, my curiosity isn't the kind where I wonder about why we came to be or why I'm so ugly, or what's in my vagina when I sleep, but mine is WAAYY more intense. While I'm on a plane, I wonder what if I'm gonna die, or when I'm on a roller coaster I wonder if one if the tracks are broken or if I'm gonna fly out. UUUGGGHHHHHH STUPID BRAIN YOU DONT KNOW CRAP
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I think that's anxiety rather than curiosity.

Girls wonder whats in their vaginas when they sleep???? Does anyone else find this statement a little odd or is it just me? Lol

pretty much no one wonders this except me.

Im hoping nothing.. lol

There's a risk of dying in just about everything! So don't get to worked up about it.

what does ep mean?

Experience projecy


That show's you are a smart person. Ignorance may be bliss but things can happen and planning ahead or avoiding problems makes you much safer.

In my opinion, sweetie-you're not being "stupid"; there is
risk in every endeavor! :)