What would you do if you were a dog?
Princessinmind Princessinmind
22-25, F
19 Responses Sep 1, 2014

Lick myself

Mount my wife

lick my nuts run after my tail

Seems like dogs enjoy licking their balls a lot...

If I was a dog...I wud use my long eager tongue to please you....

I would still play video games. Even if i would suck. And my parent would have a lot of explaining as to why they are human and there kid is a dog



hump every female that moves.
pee everywhere.
hump everything again.

Bark for you.

Sleep, play, eat, pretty much all the fun stuff I do now because I'd lack responsibility

Most women have heard that most uscmen dogs anyway so if that theccase i have a chiwahuai mix i would have an erection looking forvavfemalevthatvwants to bevin.heat with me

k9 ??

Poop... Poop everywhere!!!

woof woof for sure

I would take all of the senses a dog has and use them to experience the world in a way no human ever has.

Sleep, probably. Real, carefree sleep.

Enjoy all the free massages and kisses! For those, I'd do tricks and act extra needy too!

i would spend all day licking me or a female dog :)