Do you procrastinate on your homework/other things? Cause I know I do lol. Expect studying for tests.
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yes I get stuck on paper work and other things too. I though of starting a procrastinator's support group, but all my friends wanted to think about it.

Same here i was suppose to do my math homework over this 3day weekend nd i still havent got go it. Ill do it eventually

Oh my god, so freakin much!! I'm doing that right now lol

I tend to procrastinate because I love when my adrenaline runs rapid during the last minute lol

i had 4 days to do my homework for call tomorrow and I'm still on here instead of doing it.

Same here. I am giving a week to do a homework sheet? I do it that Thursday or Friday morning..

That is just for one class, another teacher counts out homework as classwork so I don't get 'homework' in that class.

we do scholl at home and we start tomorrow i keep asking my dad if he wants another beer hoping he will forget lo l

no he knows so i dont really win but we do it at home so its only us that will fail right ? i was done in feb but back to school lol is summer over ?

summer were r you from lo l were in canada nope no snow it was over 80 here today but winter will be here in ??? late november last yr we just moved up her and i could walk strait up to the roof from the snow but dad says it was a bad lol i'm just starting grade 11

i thought u were from australia sorry i know when we have summer they have winter i just asked cause i try to go from were they are for stuff w e have a friend well my mums in england so its always time difference and she asks how cold it is at times so i have to go from celsius to fahrenheit or the other way so in fareniant it was average of - 20 here last winter a lot of dad mum or dad would just say we were staying in

no my mums friend does well ours to im in canada ontario

no u cant *** here and go skiing yet lol that is what were told honest

i cant snow ski but i love to water ski my only advice dont wipe out u will loos ur top and bottoms lol dad had a good show

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Finding someone who doesn't would be much harder ;)

Sometimes .

Is that even a question?

Then, yes. Yes I do.