what kind of person would eat this?!?!
such a cruel world we live in...*sigh*
Youdontknowmyabc Youdontknowmyabc
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Is there a picture?

yes u have to change ur profile setting to see it.

Where the knife and fork

Eaden britches


Those are panties you can eat

dutch? lol

git r done

dear...im lost!!!

I know ;)


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Shhhhh don't tell anyone but I like eating them. They are great maybe I could tell you about it?

Is there a buffet?

lol ....


i would like to share my sexual fantasy with you:)

please add me so i can tell you about it privately


You dont actually consume pxssy, but you cal caress and lick it.

oh really..

Want me to show you!

nice one.


Yes, ******, *** to me.

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Not bad diet for a one night.

Hahahaha =))

wont it taste goood ;)