Adventures With Ear Plugs

So I've basically spent the entire day cooped up in the library studying for my midterms this week and I wore these really effective foam ear plugs to keep myself away from distractions. I decided to wear them to the mini-mart to get food with my friends and found it really funny and enlightening.


I couldn't hear anything except for the closest people around me, so instead of focusing on what was being said around me, all of my attention was put on facial expressions. Usually one's attention is reflexively put on whatever is making noise, but today mine wasn't. I could see the janitor wiping the floor silently cursing to herself, and although I couldn't hear what was being said, I could judge by their facial expressions the emotions of the people around me. Sad, excited, angry, frustrated, it was really cool.


You guys should try this sometime. Just completely obliterate one sense and you'll be able to experience the world in whole new ways.

FranticPup FranticPup
18-21, M
Mar 4, 2010