I'm Somewhat Curvy

I don't mind having some curves. I feel it does make me feel womanly. I'm pretty much at an average weight for my height but I do have some curves and its fine.
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I accept you (& everyone else, for that matter) as they are.

I am 5'7" and a little top heavy boob wise , with a average waist and slim legs. I have had to resort wearing fitted blouses so they wont gap. Curvey girls do get a lot of attention from the boys, there is no doubt what we have going on. Not a bad thing, but I have to be careful not to over power the room with what I wear since most of the people at work are men. I would not trade my curves for the world, and my boy friend is definately appreciative.

I like Curves.

I'm looking to make friends I would appreciate anyone adding me to their friend list

ok I added you.

God made you beautiful:)


It is good when you are proud of your body. Well done


I meant Curvey body!!!! Not power 2 U! Amen

ok cool

You have gift that alot of women seek everyday and that is to have a survey body that attracts attention!!!

I have always enjoyed the figure of an average woman compared to a "model". To me models are way too thin. I have never been attracted to extremely thin women. I guess to me the "girl next door" look is the best.

And your curves are perfect.

thanks for liking my curves!

Yes they are some mighty fine curves.

thank you!

Yes I'm a flirt for beautiful people