Love My Curves, But Not My Health

I have always been a curvy gal. I have no problem with that adjective. When I was younger the popular term was "full-figured". I have always embraced, loved, and accepted my body in all its glory, and never have aspired to being skinny. I sort of recognized from a young age that I was not built to be thin. I have dated many men in my lifetime and except for a few guys, never had a man express to me, or treat me as less than desirable. I am very confident and comfortable with my sexuality, and have no problem being seen nude. I have a very active and enjoyable sex life. Close to no inhibitions here !
There was a point in my life (when I was pregnant) that I gained a lot of extra weight (60 lbs). It seemed pretty normal at the time. As the years progressed, I saw myself staying at my pregnancy weight, and even gaining more. I never quite got to 300, but I have come close. My self-esteem suffered and I felt old and tired at 40 ! Since then I have consciously made efforts to become more healthy, but I admit it truly is a struggle. I know I need to change because of my health. I have high blood pressure and circulation issues are surfacing now, and it scares me. I want to live a long & healthy life and I realize that I must be more focused on the goal. I know that even if I lost 20 or 30 pounds it would help, and I would feel better physically.
My obstacles are time and motivation. I am a student and I sometimes get overwhelmed with my workload and schedule. I also have trouble finding a partner to exercise with, to encourage one another. It also costs significantly more money to eat healthier, and being unemployed presents a challenge in that specific area. I don't see myself eating like a rabbit because I love food too much, I just don't believe in deprivation . . I'm being realistic and honest with myself here . . I also don't want to lose my curves ! I want to be healthier but not forego my figure ! It's not about making excuses, it's about seeking solutions. I know many of you share this attitude. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
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51-55, F
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