I'm curvy, thick, a BBQ, or whatever name you want to put to it, and I'm so sick of narrow minded ******** acting like when a woman says she isn't Barbie material they automatically think of something that looks Similar to Honey BooBoos mom. What the hell? When all men become Brad Pit look alikes, I'll start busting my *** to resemble Angelina. Until then all the ****** can kiss my BIG ***!
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Curvy women are beautiful. There is absolutely nothing attractive about a tooth pick. I want a woman that I can grab and hold. One that isn't going to hurt me with her bones with I cuddle up tight to her....and other things lol

BBQ :) ... I like that usage a lot

You go girl! Well said.

Tell it girl! It is really humorous to me that the media uses girls who are built like ten-year-old boys with absolutely no butt so they can brain wash "Joe Frat Boy" as to what a real woman is to look like.

Olive Oil, goes to the drug store and buys a bottle of blond dye before meeting up with Dr. Play Dough for her brand new 40 double D's. Now she's ready to go clubbing where she get's 30 phone numbers from the "bro dawgs" who didn't even see pass her fake boobs.

I have been with a guy 18 months I said about things like weight and how guys want stick insects as girlfriends his reply ' you have parts I can find instead of play the harp'. He thinks skinny women you can play the harp on the rib bones.
End comment you look how you want no one owns you or your body.

I love the part about playing the harp! That's too funny!

Thanks, he does have a great sense of humour.


Thank to I for winning my "Least Insensitive most Awesome person" Award!

I bough, thank you thank

Sorry for the rant ladies!

You go girl !!! Good for ya

Damnit that was supposed to be BBW, how embarrassing!