I Will Not Diet!

I will eat healthily and I will try to stay active. But I will not let my daughters grow up seeing me acting ashamed and dissatisfied with my body for no longer being skinny. I love my body for bringing life to my children and for how it can bring men to their knees. And just as I won't diet, I won't tan either. Not even fake stuff. I would rather be known for round alabaster curves and **** that could stop traffic than being a size zero oompa loompa any day. 
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36-40, F
7 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Yes you have the body to stop traffic.

You have an unbelievable body, glad to hear you love it as much as we do. Your confidence and attitude also makes you even that much hotter!!

Well done.

Your character seems to burst out of this profile in much the same way as I imagine that your new figure must press upon those old clothes. Both quite intoxicating.

You are a very sexy woman and have way more to offer a man than a skinny woman does, <br />
Skinny women dont do a thing for me since high school. Plump women are so much more fun to be with and seem to laugh and enjoy life more plus from my experiences plump women that ive been with have a tighter ***** . always willing to try new things and please the one they are with..

agree with you, i like curves on women

As far as I can see,there is no problem with your body.I wouldn't call a skinny girl a real woman