My Buds Call Me T J

this was my older bros ep profile. he stoped usin it long ago. i been wantin to take it over so mom finaly let me have it. u guys can call me TJ ill be 10 next month. looks like ep makes us have leest 1 story to get the check boxes off my main page. ok u can ask me stuff but dont forgot my mom mite read this to.
SpazZoid SpazZoid
13-15, M
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

hello. good story. im cody. im friends with lots of little kids so i faned u back

cool thanks cody

hi TJ. my mom watches all my stuff to so its cool. anyway glad ur here and come join our kool kids club ok? unless u already did haha. my names tyler and got no Qs for u yet. welcome to ep and lets all have fun together .

thanks im alredy in it now