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I Guess So

I look like a cute little kid (even though I'm almost 14) with curly blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. I like a girl in my school, who looks waaaaay older than me, even though we are about the same age (she could be 16, based soley on appearance). So, I guess Imma cute lesbian.....
deleted deleted 26-30 5 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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Heyyyy, I'm 15 from US u should totally message me

I think it's ok to be 14 yrs old for a lesbian...

Did not quite understand ur reply. Email me or reply again! Thx!

I luv cute little lesbians! Email me sumtime!<br />

Are'nt you alittle young for this lesbian stuff? Just curious ok!

Well, you're definately right about that! I guess it just sounded unusual to me, being that young and thinking about being a lesbian. Sorry. It's great that you love another girl!!