It Seems Hopless

I began cutting around 15 but self injuring before that I later realized. I'm not 19 and have stopped off and on, my longest was 9 months. I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me for me and loving mother who tries to understand why I do what I do. I  have been in residentials and hospitals, but i still feel sad and empty. People say things about my scares and it only makes me want to cut more. I'm just looking for support in trying to stop forever. 
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

I am the same. Well it'd be wierd if I was the same but I can relate.<br />
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Its not about stopping. Your going to have these urges and needs anyway. Its about finding a different way of channeling those urges. Don't try and stop just try and do something different.<br />
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I've been cutting for two years and I've never managed to stop more than a few weeks. I've had counselling and all I got from it was that I had to find a safe way of doing it. I'm not crazy and neither are you.<br />
Think of it like this, everyone else probably has something that helps them in the same way. Boxers, Athletes, Singers they all do something that helps them. A friend of mine just dances and thats all she does, then she's fine again. But it could so easily be cutting herself. <br />
Self harm is just publicised because its associated with suicide and death. Its just a coping strategy.