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After posting a story that I KNEW people wouldn't even notice.....a half assed cry for help. (the only comments were those that I pointed it out to.....) I finally couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take the internal struggle. The worthless feeling. The self loathing. I can't...I couldn't...I WON'T. So I tried the old cut it out standby. doesn't make it go away. But it gives me that release. To let all the **** INSIDE finally be on the OUTSIDE.

All I wanted was to be held...with conversation....with words....with arms....with SOMETHING. I'm not mad...I didn't expect much else....I just I'm nothing.

I'm nothing......

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10 Responses Jul 16, 2010

You DO. You just don't want to see how wonderful you are.

You never could sis. Never ever.

I'm sure there are and never said I had it worse than anyone.

i wish i could cry. put it so well FB1997....*hugs*

Your not the only one to feel this way.I felt like a nothing a few nights ago,if it wernt for chatting with a friend online i dont know what i might have done.You can read about it on my blog.The short of it is i was blocked by someone i thought was a friend.Worthless?Nothing?yeah,thats how i felt,i even cut like you did that night.It looks like you have friends here on ep,just as i do.I think we both have to remember that.

I love you too FB.

I love you guys...

You're something to me love, something very special and wonderful. *squeezes tight*

You didn't do anything to be sorry for. *hugs close*