Kiss The Blade

I love the way it feels when it dances across my skin.... skipping when it is too dull, the pain screaming in. There is no happiness, only pleasure spikes that are transitory... then we buy and pay and kill and steal for more. My pleasure spike only hurts me - at least I can say that. My one vice (other than thinking) is the taste of pain and the scent of iron. Taste of a rusty can... I drink as much of it as I can. No one knows... who could understand? That my life is a waste - at least I see this when no one else can.
I only hope that I have enough energy to make it through tomorrow - so I can cut again. This is not an escape, it is not a "good" thing, it is not from a sordid history - it is because I deserve and embrace my self destruction.
menschfeind menschfeind
Jul 18, 2010