My mind begins to race, My palms get clammy, I see their faces in my head, I'd give anything to make it stop, just to make them go away, i give my blood. I run the razor across my wrists again and again untill the pain starts to bleed out and for that few minutes... I feel alive again. I dont feel so dead inside. I still have many marks to remind me of the pain, the abuse I've been through. How do I get away from this.. I can't help it, I see their faces their eyes the hate they have for me, what did I do to deserve the pain they have caused me...


My name is Misty I am but 3,
I can't do no wrong or I'll be punished,
My arms are bruised by cigarette burns,
Wait I hear a car,
It's my dad, hes back from charlies bar,
I squeeze myself against the wall, as I see his face twisted into hate,
My name is Misty I am but 3, last night my daddy murdered me...... 
peacepipe1992 peacepipe1992
Aug 4, 2010