Lost Mommy...

Hi...im a 30 female...who can honestly say im a cutter.
I grew up with a single mom who really had no business being a parent. She was abused sexually and physically and went in and out of the system her whole life. Who only married my father because it was a Way out of her house. So my father left her. So She's a bitter emotionally void mother. Growing up i was never good enough. When i was 14 she married my step father who was constantly trying to molest me. When i told my mom about it she called me a liar. This went on for a year or so.. where out of frustration i dratted skipping school. Smoking pot. And even telling her over and over again about mu stepdad she would tell me it was my fault because of The way i dressed or That i wasn't his really daughter so its not his fault if he wanted me..wtf! Then mom had enough of me acting out so at 15 she kicked me out of The house. I lives in mu car for over a year. I went from bf to bf where i really learned to cut out of frustration and pain. I even was addicted to meth and coke for three Years. I finally couldn't handle it anymore and quit the drugstore alone but i never quit the cutting. I am now a single mom of a 9 year old-time autistic son who i adore. But am so overwhelmed with that i am really having a hard time day to day just wanting to go on. Im cutting more than ever now. I feelfeeling so alone. Ino one understands why i cut and am needing some support here.thanks for reading mu story
Melrae0604 Melrae0604
26-30, F
May 15, 2012