Revolution Rescue

So today is day six of what i'm calling revolution rescue. Last week i basically hit rock bottom where i had a choice to kill myself or to try and change my situation, my life and try to be happy. So for the last six days i have not cut, in fact i threw out my razor and all my bandages so i cant cut.

I have this thing which i say every night and every morning 50 times and i'm trying to be kind to myself. I'm trying  to encourage myself and tell myself kind things that i've been waiting for someone else to come into my life and tell me.

It's been ok, i've been feeling better, i haven't had the urge to cut yet but i don't know what it is about today but i'm just feeling a bit down. I'm wondering what i'm doing and if it will really change things, if i'll really be happy. I guess i'm starting to second guess myself and doubt what i'm doing because i know things would be easier if i just went back to cutting.

I guess i'm writing on here because i'm hoping someone will encourage me to keep going, to keep doing what i'm doing and try to make it stick. I'm hoping that maybe someone is in the situation like i was last week where i had to make a choice and that they will make a choice like me to change things. Prehaps you will want to start a revolution rescue of your own and prehaps we can even support each other through it.

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Im here. we can chat anything. my day and night. your day and night. doesnt matter. you have alot going for you. you honestly do. you jus need that hint of direction and guidence. u can change urself. and the world. if u just believe. hey,maybe u can change the world, one word at a time. inspire others through your soon-to-be-top-seller books. =) urs doing great. jus keep smiling

Hey thanks for commenting on my story, how are you going with your revolution rescue? I'm sure that the both of us can get through this, message me if you wanna talk more

That is very strong of you. I guess you can say I started a revolution rescue in my own way. But mine is with bulimia. I haven't thrown up for two days!! But I did cut yesterday : ( but still If you can stop why can't I! I think I'll stop too! But I don't think my cutting is that serious. Anyway That should make it easy right?? Well I wish you the best of luck!