I Get So Down...

My name is Summer and I am 16.
I have a good family and good friends but ever since i was little I have been horrible at dealing with my problems.
I guees it was a couple of years ago that i started cutting
Nothing major but it is still a problem.
I suppose any kind of self infliction is major though
I hate it because its not something that is super easy to hide and I know it hurts my family.
They do know and do want to help but they just dont know how and I dont know how to tell them to.
After it happens I look at what I have done and I wish i would'nt have done it but at the time i just get so upset and its the first thing i think of doing.
I dont know how to stop this. I was doing better for a while and now just today I got so down again I resulted in cutting again.
I would like to have someone to talk to that has been or is going through what I am.

Self1nflicted Self1nflicted
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

i definetly been through what you been through but more herendous....you have a good family i can't even begin to describe what kind of horrible people i lived with. just hang on, think of what you're doing and what do you get out of hurting yourself, dont loose your feelings! add me and we can talk