I Love It But I Want to Be Free

I started cutting in High School. Just a little poke with a pin here and there. By my senior year, I cut everyday. I was in AP classes, lots of extracirriculars, ect... It was a way to keep down the stress, deal with personal issues, and well any emotion I didn't want to deal with. It got so bad I hid razors in my car so if I got in traffic I could cut ( I have being late, and traffic stresses me out.) In Jan. of 2008 (senior year) all of my pain started to catch up with me. I have a few really bad episodes and started into a recovery program at my church.


I haven't cut since Sept. 25, 2008, but I still feel the urge all the time. I want to but I know it is bad. I act out in other ways now that are arguably more dangerous... so I fight the logic that says cutting is at least a safer coping method.

shonmichelle shonmichelle
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2009