I Cut

Well I am a 21 yr old from ne philly. I don't know really why I cut all I know is that I do do it and it feels good to me. I don't like to think of my self as some one who is depressed or all alone. But I guess some times I am. I do have a boy friend that I love very much and am kind of living with but, yet I still do find my self wanting to cut all the time. I do not really know what is wrong with me, I guess I should go out there and find some real help. I know my boy friend has been trying to help cuz he does not really know what is going and is trying to find a way to help.But little dose he know there really isn't any thing he can do to help me out. I do not know what is wrong with me all I know is that I do cut and you know what it feels good. Maybe there is some thing some where that I am hiding that makes me do it but I do not know right now and do not know if I ever will. If any one ever wants to talk to me about this my sc/n is mickeyd1er for aim and killme318 on yahoo blueeyedmickey18 on aol ok now that you all have that 'ttyl coll
killme318 killme318
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hi there. <br />
I am adding you on yahoo... mine is dimozi so please accept my invitation.I Hope I can help...