Want to Cut All the Pain Away

 I have been cutting for years. I cut When my heart aches or when my life feels out of controll. I go to therapy once a week. I have bipolar and I also get E.C.T treatments once a week.  I sometimes cut when I feel alone. I am trying to stop but the pain is less when it's on my skin then in my heart. I want to stop because In my heart I know god does'nt want this in my life. Sometimes when I want to cut I repeat in my mind , my skin belongs to god sometimes that helps. I also have an agreement with my therapist if there is a night that I feel my cutting will get out of controll  I will call her and vent Out and is also an agrrement that I won't cut for that night.  this is some of my story.

Halfpintshadow Halfpintshadow
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Thanks for posting this! It's great that your getting help