i dont know why no one understands and wants to take it away from me. its the only thing that makes me happy anymore and pepole seem determined to take that away. i have had friends scream at me, call professinol help and cry to make me stop but they dont understand that i just CANT. its like walking up to a guy whos somking and saying stop smoking for the rest of your life. you honestly believe that man will do it?

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I started smoking (more often) some months ago.<br />
I can stop if i want.

thanks darknessofitall. you understand. i of course would LOVE to have somthing that makes me happy besieds cutting. but i dont and im not ready to stop.

I would have to want to stop first. People couldn't easily convince me. I do feel that I need a level of support (I don't want professional help at all) and I was thinking of asking a friend for support, but he probably won't give it to me without freaking out, trying to get me professional help, or telling other people which just forces me into hiding. Hiding it makes it in some ways worse, but there's nothing we can do about it. I think the world is a lonely place for us because people don't understand what would help or understand that maybe it isn't the worst thing we could do to ourselves. I would like a replacement for cutting in the form of a human being, but I haven't gotten that yet. If your friends could read some of the other posts from people like us maybe they would gain a slightly different perspective on the topic. Stop when you are ready.

No, the smoker won't do it either. But these people have no other way of telling you they care. How would you feel if they were like "Go ahead, cut DEEPER...we know how happy you are right now."<br />
<br />
Cutting is not a sign of happiness.