I Am Trying To Stop....

I am trying to stop cutting, I am trying to beat my urges in cutting, and I am trying to beat this demon with myself, but for about 10 years I have been struggling so very much with it. Cutting has always been what I have turn to when I was always doing bad, it was something that was always there for me. My knife has always been my best frined, and it has always been there for me.....I am currently on day 3 without cutting. Everyday I get through another day without cutting is a day getting closer to my goal of 100 days without cutting. Its not easy, but I haven't given up yet.....


Everyone needs a best Friend,

I always wanted a Best Friend.

Some people think you don't need friends,

I have no family, so I need friends.


People think its sick that you are my best friend

People don't understand how a blade can be your friend

But they don't know how it is, to hurt that bad

They don't understand the pain you go and how you really are sad.


My Blade has been my best friend for as long as I could remember

He was always there for me, and never ever left me.

He cared about me, when everyone else forgot about me.

He was always there for me, and for that I will always remember


He helps take the pain away

He helps life seem okay for a little bit

He helps me cope with life, and make the hurt go away

Even if it is just for a little bit.


My Blade is my best friend

Your mom might be your best friend

I Love my best friend

and i know no matter what, I can always count on my best friend....

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Feb 28, 2010