Ever since I was six, my mother would always tease me for being a cynic. It wasn't until I was much older that I found out that this is generally seen as a bad thing. I never looked at it like that though. For me, I enjoy being opinionated, especially about language. I don't hold any prejudices or harsh judgements on strangers I don't know but, I really do not see the issue with talking with friends and criticizing the little annoyances that get to me in public. It's difficult to explain the type of person I am without seeming like something I am not, which is the hardest part in being a cynic. The best way to describe what I mean my reasoning for the self-appointed title. The only reason I refer to myself as a 'cynic' is because if I called myself a 'realist' I would get backlash from people accusing me of saying exactly what a cynic would say.
I take pleasure in arguing (respectively not superfluously) and I absolutely hate egomaniacs which I think just about everybody is at least a bit of an egomaniac. Can anybody relate to what I am talking about? Should I use a different word to describe myself?
Jhogeweide6219 Jhogeweide6219
18-21, M
Aug 24, 2014