I did not know when I got married that being a dad is a very difficult job , In every cycle for my kids it is a complete round of fatherhood , taking care of my 3 children , I have been around my beloved  three children ( 2 girls & a boy )for 16 years and I never gave up the Idea of being a dad , It is a good job someone has to do it , and Im glad I am still doing it , I love being a dad ...It is the only joy to my heart .

lilianne lilianne
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Your wife & kids are so bless to have a husband & a father like you who is also blessed in ways I can't explain! I feel like God is telling/showing me that you have hard times here&there like every other father would, but you overcome it so well & understand the problems or anything your families go through.You have such a big heart & care so much about others,too. Get involved with your local churches & share that love because theres some people out there who don't understand what love is like you do; share that with them. You'll change some peoples life. God will use you & through Him, you'll see what he see about young kids not being loved enough or never been in love from a father figure. <br />
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As crazy as this may sound, I believe that was a Word for you. I don't know exactly what your beliefs are, but I know you believe in God,just like I do(christian) & I was overwhelmed with those words to tell you & my hands were flying my keyboard! LOL I hope you understand where I'm coming from.