Not in the physical sense.... not that I am all manly... not that I want to.... belittle men, think that I am stronger than them.... so DozerDan, if you're still out there... you needn't comment. I am a Dad in the sense that... well.... *sighs*
My son... is five. almost six... and for the first time in his life he asked me why he didn't have a father.
what do you say? how do you explain?
I told him that he did indeed have a father. But his father was not a dad. and it had NOTHING to do with him. (I have not yet figured out in which war his father died in glorious battle, as a hero. *grins*
No... one of these days, {when he's 30), I'll tell him a little more about the hows, and whys and some of the details that made me leave his father...
I'm too busy right now, trying to teach him how to be a man. As best I can.

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I know this is a sentimental piece; I find it lovely.
Let me risk breaking the mood with an earnest, practical suggestion: please consider getting your son involved in Cub Scouts when he is young, and encourage him to stay on through Boy Scouts. Boy Scouting is about developing young men as leaders. They learn by the activities in the program (badges and ranks, etc); they learn from the more senior scouts; and they learn from the men (and some women) who are leaders in the program.

It is not just about knots and pocket knives and camp outs; that is just the facade to get boys involved in learning life skills, learning to do things for themselves, learning to become leaders.... turning boys in to experienced adolescents that then have a much better shot at becoming really good men.

Dads aren't easily replaced, but I'm told when fathers aren't men you have little choice.

As a father, and most of the time a dad, I AM happy and proud to are one of us.

thank you M.... I sometimes wonder...???????????????????...... *weak smile*

I have been doing it a hell of a lot longer than you...and I still wonder.