It is my nature and who I am. I am not here trolling for subs. I already have the most amazing beautiful Babygirl I could ask for. I'm just here for conversation and idea exchange. We all have our own views of the lifestyle,our own experiences. The sharing of knowledge is the most powerful tool we have.
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

My sub has recently let me know she is really turned on by the Daddy/baby girl fantasy. We have begun to explore this area of fantasy and I feel the Daddy part of the experience seems more natural to me than the baby girl part of her so far.

She becomes so excited when I call her my baby girl and I get into my Daddy role vs. Master role. I encourage her to get into her baby girl mindset but verbally she struggles to become that part.

Any suggestions you have for me to help her become more fully immersed into her role would be very, very helpful and much appreciated.

Looking for advice Wild-D

My mentor a long time Domme guided me towards the Daddy/Dom and she was right . It fit much better than the rigid unbending Master. As for her assuming her role?/ Throw out the stereotypical picture. Allow her to express it in her own way. It will natural that way. As when you started your D/s relationship. Sit down and discuss what each wants from this new aspect and then negotiate it to where you are both comfortable with it. These are just my thoughts from my experience.

Thanks, your right there are a lot of stereotypes out there and to be honest she is totally running with this. She has bought outfits, videos, has plans for our first Daddy/baby girl date night.

Are there any blogs you would suggest on this topic or is sitting with her and feeling her out on this fantasy the best path to go as you suggest!

I really want this to work for both of us.

I'm sure there are. I haven't researched too much as I follow the discipline of do what feels right for you and her. There are some to use for ideas. I will say if you incorporate any other fantasies either might have some how into the DD/bg relationship it can be very rewarding.