I keep seeing all these stories about people who hate there dad n i thought we needed one for people who do love their dads!!!

As you can see from the pic my dad has been there for me all my life so i am very lucky!
He has been my rock through everything that has happened to me good and bad!

We share the same interests both support same football team! same humor! same sarcastic attitude! same everything! apart from i don't look like him!!! =-)

My dad has 5 kids n i have always wanted to be his favorite! i know it was very selfish of me but his 2 daughters by previous marriage have betrayed, neglected, abused his love! His son (from previous marriage) is a mummy's boy with my step mum so he was never that close to him! My Lil sister has been a mummy's girl with my mum so we were both left out me from mums love n him from the other kids love!!!

I have tried to do my best in everything i do as i want to please my dad! he tells me all the time that i don't need to n that he will love me whatever i do or how i end up! But i feel like i owe it to me for looking after me for such a long time!

Most girls at my age are best mates with their mums talking about boyfriends n sex n things but I'm not that close to mum i tell my dad!
My dad knew i had lost my virginity a year before my mum did as i was brave enough to talk about it all with him! my mum judged me threatened to throw me out n to tell dad!!!

He has done so much for me recently as he buys me things as he feels he needs to treat us occasionally but he shouldn't as he is going through a bad situation at home as he is now looking after n providing for his 4 grandchildren!!!
So i tell him off every time he buys me anything but he still does!

I love my dad with all my heart n really haven't got a clue what i would do without him!
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Hey I hope you both support a proper NW team! not Man U!!!!LOL

I loved my dad and miss him very much there is no a day that passes that I don not think of him x

i completley agree with you , i love my dad with all my heart. he is the reason im still alive

wow...what a great daughter you are! most daddy's girls i know are bratty and spoilt - they simper and smile and hold out their hands for money/credit cards. you've restored my faith... ;D

There you are Daughter, been a lookin' for you.

Aww thankyou for your lovely comment! <br />
Much appreciated

As a father I can say that really touched me.....