Baby Girl.

She went through the phase of when he came home she would meet him at the door and grasp to his leg and say I miss You daddy and he’d say I missed you to baby girl

She went through the phase of play dough and Barbie dolls, and getting into everything, and looking up to daddy and say help me I made mess….and he would look at her with those forgiving eyes I will baby girl.

She went through the phases of, I know everything and you know nothing….of the I am right and you are wrong…and he would look at her with a stern face and say now listen to me baby girl

She went through the phase of…him not getting her something or not letting her do something and she yelling I HATE YOU!…then her coming and saying am sorry daddy I didn’t mean it. he would say I know you didn’t baby girl

And now she gone off to collage only to come home on holidays…..But when she walks through the door she hugs him around the neck and says I missed you daddy and he would say I missed you to baby girl..

So no matter what all the phases and time an trials, I love you I hate you and all the mess’s…cherish all of them cause, when they are gone you’ll miss your baby girl…
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Hi there care to talk

I miss my girls.... thank you...


I liked that. Nicely written.

So true. <br />
<br />
Im 33 and stll go to my daddy when im upset or need support. Not even two weeks ago when i was standing in the corner of the funneral home crying over the death of my unce who i considerd ny other dad. my dad searched me out and pulled me to him and held me and kissed my hair.<br />
as i was crying he whipeted in my hair "im here honey just calm down baby" i just heldon to him and cried for a few before my cousin came over crying and my dad held him and me and just kept sayng he was there.