Dad Is One Of My Best Friends

Growing up I did not get to see my dad as much as i would have liked but as i got older i got to have more and more time with him and have closer than ever.
I can remember more than once when I was in high school that he would be driving me and i would decied i did not want to go so i would say "Dad I dont want to go toaday lots go out to eat" he would laugh smile and call me off before we went out to eat then we would both go home and go back to sleep.
I am not saying we did not argue we did but he would amost always appologize first because i am like my mother and very stuborn when i think im right. After we both appologized we usualy would go do something fun like shopping or go to look at cars or just go for a long drive.
Now we go everywhere together and enjoy just sitting and listening to music or watching tv together. Sometimes i feel like he is the only one who understands me and I am the only one who understand him.

He has changed since 9/11 attacks when his PTSD amped up. He is no longer as out going or jovial as he used to be but he still opens up to me. He has been really depressed and feels lost and fustrated a lot. I do not realy understand every thing about PTSD but i am trying to learn every thing about it.
My dad never punished me because he did not have to all he had to do was look disapointed or tell me not to do what ever it was again and i listened.
I love my dad so much and am so glad i get to spend so much time with him
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Thank you every one. Looking11 i will tell him.<br />
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Redtailfree48 thanks and i will look the fishing story up.

Being a father myself to a big family of girls, no matter how old they get they will always be daddy's little girls. I also would like to add and say that I love my daughters so very much and I am sure your dad loves you just as much. no matter how bad things get, dads will always try to be there. We aren't perfect by any stretch but we do our best.<br />
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I loved my dad and even more when I became a dad myself knowing and understanding some what my dad went through to keep a roof over our heads. I would like you to read about this fishing trip I took my oldest when she was little, I think you will love it.<br />
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This tribute to your dad is such a heart felt story, well written sweetie

sometimes traumatic experience affects people and just like your dad problems now...

nice tribute to your dad